Sunday, August 22, 2010

New app for my iPad

Like most tech junkies I know I could not wait to get my hands on my new iPad. In fact, I spent most of the weekend playing with my new toy. I have wondered just what can you do with it besides use it as a big iPod touch. While I was spending hours trolling through the app store I found several apps I would like to try out with my students. One in particular, Bean Jar Kids HD, is a great app to help us keep focus on obtaining a goal. The kids get to add a jelly bean to the jar each time an objective is met and when the required number of beans are in the jar it cheers. You can also remove the jelly beans as well. The program allows up to four different jars labeled with words as well as a picture for non-readers. I am planning on using this with my class as our compliment jar as well as with a couple of students who need visual reinforcement to accomplish their goals.

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