Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ipods in Preschool

Yesterday we introduced the Ipods to our group of preschoolers. They were a huge hit. Right away we had a waiting list to last all of Center Time. Some of their favorite apps to play were Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, Matching Zoo, Shape Builder, Word World, Wood Puzzle, and the First Words Apps. The children easily picked up on how to choose their game. The touch screen was easy for little hands to maneuver. We will be be exploring a few apps on our own for a few days. Later this week we will have our first lesson using Letter Tracer to learn how to make the letter Aa.


  1. Awesome. Kudos to you as a teacher. These kids will not settle for traditional books or learning materials as they get older. The days of printed method books are numbered.


  2. Thanks MusickEd.com. I so agree with you on the students of tomorrow not accepting today's traditional methods. Students today are so visual and iPods are great for visual learners. We cannot imagine the learning tools these 4 year olds will be using when they are in middle school and beyond. They grabbed hold of learning on the iPod and ran off with it. I'm excited to see how it will change how I teach in the classroom.

  3. We are an all girls school in Memphis. Check out our website for how we use iPods in our preschool classrooms, http://web.me.com/eccsms/poddytraining