Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Handmade" Christmas Trees

Last week I drug out an old dusty box I had forgotten about over the years. To my joy I found Christmas decorations my kids had made when they were small. One of those lost decorations was a Christmas tree made from one of my daughter's tiny hands. I immediately hung it on the wall. After staring at it a few days it dawned on me that my students are about the same age as Katie when she made this precious object. I took it down from the wall and looked at how it was made. Six hand prints stacked in a pyramid shape with a rectangle trunk, circle ornaments, and an Ellison cut star on top. It took two days for all 20 kids to make one. I hope all of my kids parents enjoy this wonderful keepsake. I hope they look back  13 years from now as I did and remember their tiny child whose small hands made this tree.

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